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Who is DSI?

DeCare Systems Ireland (DSI) is an enterprise software development company specialising in architecting, developing and integrating custom .Net and Java applications. With over 220 software technology professionals on staff, DSI provides unique, customer-specific, cost-efficient solutions for clients including eBay Enterprise, Avon, Bath and Body Works, Expedia and a number of large US healthcare insurance carriers. Serving both private and public sector organizations, DSI focuses on Architecture Blueprinting, Bespoke Application Development, eCommerce, Product Development and Digital Innovation.

DSI is committed to remaining at the leading edge of technology. Our base of expertise grows with every new project, expanding to meet changing client needs and staying at the forefront of technological awareness and application. In addition, the training and development of our employees is a continuous process, ensuring that you have access to the best skills in the industry.

Corporate Background

DSI was established in 1998 and is a subsidiary of Anthem, one of the largest healthcare insurance companies in the United States. DSI was originally created to support the information technology needs of Anthem and its companies.


DSI is committed to its program of research and development, working closely with partners and clients to ensure we maintain our position at the forefront of technology.


DSI actively encourages a culture of innovation and collaboration both internally and with our clients. By combining this culture with exceptional talent DSI provides solutions that set our clients apart from their competitors.


In addition to developing enterprise level applications, DSI is committed to developing outstanding relationships with its clients and to developing the professional careers of all its employees.


It is DSI’s commitment and proven capability to deliver with every project that sets it apart from its competitors and keeps existing clients coming back, project after project.

Product Development

DSI has embraced advances in mobile communications technology and smartphone computing power. In collaboration with clients as 'value adds' to our enterprise services and through the exploration and design of our own suite of mobile products, DSI has achieved proficiency in the software product development lifecycle, including deeply embedded management and technical skills across multiple mobile operating systems and server side technology platforms.

Case Study - SafeTrx




Hours At Sea


Traffic Reports Recorded


Average Trips Per Month

SafeTrx Website. Click to visit

Designed in close cooperation with SAR professionals, SafeTrx is a vessel tracking Smartphone application that fills a critical gap in the maritime situational awareness picture.

The solution is the first of its kind, providing a means for boaters to file a Sail Plan (SP) with the Coast Guard from a Smartphone. With a set of server side processes, the solution monitors the journey, alerts designated contacts should a journey exceed an ETA and provides a web-based user interface for the Coast Guard to rapidly assist in locating an overdue vessel. SafeTrx is an innovative tool aimed to complement the existing technology that assists in saving lives at sea. Visit www.safetrxapp.com


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Product Development

If you need assistance in bringing your idea to life then DSI have the technical and creative ideas required to help develop that idea into a real product.

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Our Services

Whether it is working with global enterprises, large public sector clients, brand new start-ups or successful start-ups looking to re-architect for the next level of growth, DSI has the technical depth and macro vision to quickly comprehend the issues, solutions and opportunities. Our Architecture group's core values and mission includes remaining at the forefront of technological awareness. Our Architects will also quickly get to know the client business context, making sure that we understand the differing priorities, complexities and funding constraints that exist at different stages of an enterprise's maturity.

Against the backdrop of this experience we have formed core enterprise architecture services to help clients build scalable and secure applications that meet the specific client needs.

Whether it’s validating and improving an existing architecture or at the planning stages of an enterprise-class infrastructure project, DSI Architecture Blueprinting services will empower architects with validated architectural guidance and documented recommendations.

Application Architecture Review and Assessment will provide a technical evaluation of your application architecture with practical documented recommendations on areas such as architecture components, best practices, design patterns, coding guidelines and interoperability.

Security Architecture Review is an evaluation of the applications, network, servers and technical infrastructure within the clients’ environment and aims to better align the security architecture with industry best practices and your organisation’s security policy.

Development Process Review helps clients streamline and optimise their development methodologies and processes, incorporating leading-edge Agile methods to enable more reliable and efficient project delivery. Enterprise Architecture service takes a holistic view of an enterprise’s processes and IT infrastructure to enable business strategy development and a significant competitive advantage.

DSI is in the business of architecting and developing highly performant systems. Systems that meet user requirements, low cost of ownership targets and that are easily supported, integrated and enhanced. It is with these fundamental tenets in mind, we have formed a complete set of bespoke application development services.

DSI’s Bespoke Application Development services are based on a combination of an Agile, object-oriented approach and core C# .Net and Java skills. Using Agile business and software engineering processes allows DSI to shorten project deadlines, increase build frequency and increase quality. DSI is a strong proponent of using the Spring Framework and lightweight development practices having deployed the former in both Java and .Net production projects. We are also Microsoft Gold Certified Partners, boasting particular competencies in providing bespoke development solutions and data management solutions.

Whether you are in the private or public sector, our complete application development services will help you address your evolving business and technology challenges by defining, designing and building applications tailored to meet your business requirements.

Requirements Analysis & Solution Definition service documents project requirements by eliciting, analysing and validating requirements during a collaborative process.

DSI’s Project Management service champions customers’ requirements, analyses business and technical challenges, manages multi-skilled delivery teams and builds strong relationships with peers in the clients’ organisation. Project Governance often involves DSI senior management to be part of the clients’ steering committee or board of directors to help achieve buy-in from key groups, ensure informed decision-making, and get the project rolling smoothly.

DSI's Bespoke Development service is based on strong Java and .Net architecture using Agile practices that are of world class industry standard. DSI's Systems Integration service aims to complement existing systems by examining your platforms, applications and architecture to identify and implement a highly integrated technology road map.

DSI has provided end-to-end, multi-channel eCommerce for a number of world class online retailers including Avon Products and Bath and Body Works.

Working independently with the client or in collaboration with eBay Enterprise, as their premier solution provider, DSI has implemented global solutions to achieve specific real world business objectives. DSI solutions build rewarding customer relationships, facilitate operational efficiencies in a multi-channel environment, increase revenue through focus on conversion and significantly enhance customer service delivery.

eBusiness Strategy Assessment interprets the organisations business processes to assess the corresponding technological requirements, and then maps these into a comprehensive project execution plan.

DSI's eBusiness Development is supported by a robust technical architecture and is developed in accordance with leading project methodologies and techniques. We not only provide the full suite of eCommerce applications - we guarantee that they will be flexible, highly integrated solutions and are extensible for future growth.

DSI's eGovernment System Development and Integration enhances the access to the delivery of government services that benefit citizens, business partners and employees.

DSI's core competency is in the provision of quality software solutions for our global client base. Our passion for technology has allowed us to build up a thorough, sophisticated and rigorous software development process. The attention to detail applied to the implementation of this process has not blindly followed industry trends, but is based on a strict criteria of providing quality and value for money to our clients.

It is the maturity of this process and the ability to mould it to meet specific project and client requirements that has allowed us to successfully take on Project Management, Project Governance and PMO Engagements. Often these engagements can be accompanied by full development projects however we have also had many successes with isolated engagements. DSI has many staff skilled in all areas of project management including Agile processes such as SCRUM, but also in the more traditional PMBOK standards.

Scrum Alliance. Click to visitPMI, Project Management Institute Ireland. click to visit
DSI’s specialist project team, DSI Adaptive, seeks to provide the flexibility and creativity of more traditional digital agencies, but with the technical skills and adherence to process that have given us such success in the Enterprise Space. Where your existing digital agency might seek to cut corners when it comes to complex integrations and planning for scale, DSI can provide the same level of creativity but with the peace of mind that any solution will be backed by all the technical expertise to implement.

We strategise, design and build desktop, tablet and mobile experiences for companies big and small. By applying our extensive experience of system architectures and emerging technologies, we can address the needs of a straightforward eCommerce site, or map a highly integrated multi-channel platform to drive the business into the future.

Working with global enterprise clients that demand high quality technical expertise, necessitates that DSI Adaptive actively evaluate the latest technologies available. This brings creative thinking and the highest possible levels of service to our consulting services.

Core services include
• Web, tablet & mobile design
• Web development, including CMS selection and integration
• Mobile App development (iOS, Android, HTML5)
• Digital Brand Strategy
• Social Media

Check out the DSI Adaptive website for more information on the type of engagements we have been involved in.
DSI Adaptive. Decare Systmes Ireland Adaptive. Click to visit website

Our People

Our reputation is critical to our continued success. We foremost hire people with the best technical skills. Strong partnership and consulting skills are also an essential component of our personnel profile. We have varied professional backgrounds, call many countries and cities home, and have diverse technical skills and market experience. We all have in common a shared passion for the best of technology, and a commitment to deliver on our promises to our clients. DSI offers our clients, managers, analysts and software engineers, who are highly skilled, highly motivated, and highly committed to driving their continued success.
Our staff. Dedicated, cutting edge and professional


DSI is aware of a 3rd party purporting to offer jobs to international candidates on the company's behalf, subject to the candidate making a security deposit. Please note that if you have received such an offer it is NOT valid. If in doubt, send a query by email to careers@decaresystems.ie for clarification.
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What people say about DSI

  • "This app, which can track vessels and help the coast guard respond if needed, is a very welcome development. I hope it will help avoid more heartache and tragedy"
    Simon Coveney TD, Minister for Agriculture, Food & the Marine
  • "Transition into production was extremely smooth" ... "This was the smoothest cutover of a major project in my career and the smoothest I have ever seen in Avon"
    Oleg Borisov, Senior Project Manager EMEA PM CoE, Avon
  • "DSI/Cake has helped UK Trade and Investment provide timely business and market intelligence on foreign direct investment to our customers and stakeholders. Users can access news, views and information from around our global network in real time. It has transformed our ability to share knowledge and improve communication with customers"
    Moray Angus, Head of Online & Research, United Kingdom Trade & Investment
  • "DSI shares our own commitment to helping enterprises deploy and manage high performance Java applications. By leveraging Quest's PerformaSure and JProbe software with their own advanced performance tuning techniques, DSI guarantees the scalability, robustness and performance of Java applications. This philosophy is what drives DSI’s application development—and what separates them from typical development environments"
    Christian Ledwidge, Manager, Solutions Architecture EMEA, Quest Software
  • "I would like to thank DeCare Systems Ireland for their contribution in building high value ebusiness solutions for Avon over the last five years.They understand our business, our values, our mission and most importantly they share our desire for delighting our Representatives and customers. DeCare Systems Ireland is a global strategic business partner"
    Pattiann McAdams, Executive Director of eCommerce, Avon Products, Inc
  • "DSI really understands the technology behind insurance. Our custom built insurance platform has the flexibility to change to meet our ever-changing business. For over 10 years, DSI's technical excellence and project deliver capabilities have been instrumental in our success. The staff at DSI are very talented and knowledgeable and have a great track record delivering complicated projects with quality, on time, and within budget"
    Norman C. Storbakken, Executive Vice President, Operations, DeCare International
  • "We needed an enterprise claims and benefit management system to provide coverage for our 1.7 million members. Choosing to go with a customized DSI dental insurance application meant our concerns about scalability and large volume batch processing were minimized. Taking just under 18 months to implement, DSI brought their solid project management expertise and technical knowledge to the fore on this highly successful implementation"
    Bruce Silverman, Senior VP Claims & Customer Service, Delta Dental of New Jersey
  • "Creating a national healthcare provider system for our network of 39 dental service organizations who provide coverage for 46 million people across the nation was a colossal task. DSI stepped up to the plate, they understood our complex requirements and worked relentlessly with us to make the project a huge success. As a result, we further differentiate our services in terms of operational efficiencies and improved responsiveness to our customers"
    Karron Callaghan, VP Technology, Delta Dental Plan Association
  • "We just completed a very successful online enrollment development project with DeCare Systems, where we integrated a new web front-end with our back-end enrollment legacy system. There were many new aspects and challenges with this project, but DeCare worked closely with us all the way to ensure success. They are a very professional group, and made it a point to understand our business as well as bringing much to the table in terms of their technical knowledge and expertise"
    Ron Cedrone, IT Project Manager, DentaQuest Ventures, Inc.
  • "Feel free to use me as a reference. If they have any questions at all on the Avon - Amazon integration from an internal perspective I'm more than willing to answer those questions. The Avon integration did go very well. To this day I use that integration as an example of how to complete an integration the right way"
    Traca Fragomene, Account Manager, Apparel, amazon.com
  • "DeCare Systems is an incredible resource! They helped us develop an outstanding state of the art system to support our new direct selling business. They are extremely knowledgeable and very web savvy. They are the best kept secret in the world of technology and for selfish reasons I hope they stay that way!"
    Len Edwards, President, Family Books at Home
  • "DSI has helped Figis become an Internet success story. Since 1999, DSI have consistently delivered successful eBusiness applications for us. As a result, our website gains significant industry recognition for its performance and usability, ultimately providing the optimum online shopping experience for our customers. DSI's professionalism and industry insight is unmatched"
    Kurt Officer, Senior Manager E-Commerce Development , Figis Inc.


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