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DSI | DeCare Systems Ireland has been using Umbraco as our preferred content management solution for our clients both big and small for the past number of years. As an Umbraco partner, applying this extensive experience, we can address the needs of a straightforward e-commerce site or map a highly integrated multi-channel platform to drive our client's business into the future.

We have found that its intuitive user interface has not only made our developers more productive but also assisted in training admin staff on the client side to update content quickly and efficiently. Our clients have a wealth of media requests and Umbraco helps manage these in a streamline process whilst allowing the integration of third party tools a breeze.

We have been looking where possible to get involved in the excellent Umbraco community. Of late there have been a few ways we have contributed to this community.

At Code Garden 2015 we submitted for an award under the best technical category. DSI was announced as runner up to in that category.

In June of 2016, Martin Fenton and Matija Grcic presented at Code Garden 2016. was used as a practical case study of how a headless CMS architecture could be applied to an integrated Umbraco and enterprise ecommerce solution to provide real value to customers. Martin and Matija provide details of how the approach worked with Umbraco, some of the key benefits and considerations when making that choice and the applicability in ecommerce solutions such as The presentation also provides examples of the differences between traditional and headless CMS as well as some practical information on the API and its applicability to the modular component driven architecture of

The recording and presentation of “ An Umbraco approach to a headless CMS” is available here:

Download presentation

Decare Systems Ireland have also contributed where possible to the Umbraco source code. The Umbraco solution includes an array of plugins that assist with integrating the content and commerce merchandise data. DSI built a framework around these plugins driven by Angular and TypeScript. DSI created the TypeScript type definitions for the Umbraco 7 API which was downloaded more than 200 times (Current version is 0.0.3).

Speaker Info

Martin Fenton

Martin Fenton

Technical team lead on .NET platform, experienced in ecommerce solutions, CMS enthusiast, Umbraco Certified, MCPD Web Development, MCTS .NET and SharePoint. Sports fan including passionate Munster Rugby supporter.

Martin Fenton

Matija Grcic

Professional Scrum Master level I (PSM I), MCSD Web Applications, MCTS. Lover of craft beer, good food & whisky. Owned by

Abstract Info An Umbraco approach to a headless CMS.

In this session, you will learn how to use Umbraco as a headless CMS an approach DeCare Systems Ireland (DSI) took as they saw it has brought value to their customers while allowing faster development cycle.

We will explain the difference between traditional and headless CMS on a practical example used on the website. We’ll start by looking at the importance of the API and raw data focusing on the implementation details explaining modular structure and its benefits. After a deep dive into code we’ll finish outlining the scalability, applicability, extensibility and overall pros and cons of the headless CMS approach.

The goal of this session is to give you an overview of how easy it is to extend Umbraco and deliver flexible modular content components to provide real value to your customers.

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